Best Password Manager for Android to Stay secure

One of the bugbears of modern life for many people is the enormous amount of passwords required to access our preferred websites and apps. Trying to remember different passwords for different sites is a real pain, and many of us make the mistake of using the same password for everything or having weak passwords that might not stand up to scrutiny. Password keeper apps make life much easier as they will remember all of your various passwords and keep them in one place.

Grab Android Password apps

Mobile security is much better now than previously, so login data saver apps are becoming increasingly popular and many of them are packed with useful features. So finally you’d realize that you need an app to keep passwords and other data you need while online as there is too many of them and it’s hard to remember them all. You also need a secure way to keep passwords safe as you don’t want anyone to get access. Well, you are just a step away to learn about some of the best password clients which are absolutely free to Download. In no particular order, they are –

Grab Android Password apps for Free and see which one comes in handy when you need to store login details.


1. Dashlane Free Password Manager

This is an award-winning password and mobile wallet app. It has a whole bundle of features and will keep your identity and passwords secure and locked in its vault. It offers a password generator, so you can create strong new passwords, and features secure notes to keep your sensitive information from prying eyes. It has an easy-to-use interface, and the only thing you’ll need to get to your private information is a master password.

Once you have this, Dashlane will speedily auto-fill passwords for your favorite websites. Further features include the regular creation of fresh passwords for extra security and a password history. Dashlane will also give you secure mobile wallet access to take the worry out of making credit card payments while you’re out and about. Leading AES-256 encryption is used to protect your data and give you peace of mind, and this free app has a lot to offer.

However, a premium version is also available if you choose to upgrade. This will give you instant syncing across your devices, cloud backup, access to passwords and your mobile wallet from a secure web app, and priority user support.

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2. LastPass Password App
lastpass password app

Another great app is LastPass, and this one has just received an update with further improvements. As with the previous app you’ll use one master password and then you can let the app do the rest of the work. Your passwords and personal details are securely vaulted and LastPass will autofill your app logins and web browser, as well as generating secure passwords for extra protection. Users of the app can produce form fill profiles and keep health insurance, credit card details, shopping profiles and more.

The app takes a headache out of online life and can be used free across not just mobile devices but also personal computers. As well as using your Lastpass master password you can also access your account with your fingerprint and secure your passwords with a fingerprint lock. The app features audio note, a photo vault, and a data manager. Another advantage of this app is the ability to plan for the future with the emergency access feature. This means that in an emergency the people you most trust will be able to access your vault.

Once again, a premium version is available ($12 a year) with a family sharing option for up to five users, 1GB of encrypted file storage, desktop fingerprint authentication and more.

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3. 1Password

This app has plenty to recommend it and uses end-to-end encryption meaning that data is only decrypted offline. Although it’s free for 30 days you’ll then need to pay a subscription to continue using it. However, many people feel this is one of the best of these kinds of apps available. It features all of the usual aspects of a password keeper, including generating unique passwords, filling in usernames and passwords, and giving you access to the information on your device.

You can open up 1 PassWord with just one tap with fingerprint unlock, and as well as passwords the app gives you a place to store your personal info, documentation, and financial details. This is split into more than twelve sections, including driver licenses, bank accounts, addresses, credit cards, notes and more. Users can also create multiple vaults, for example, to keep work and personal life separate, and the app supports team, individual, and family accounts.

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4. Enpass

Enpass might suit those looking for a cost-effective way of securing their passwords and keeping their credentials safe. There are no subscription charges or sign-up, as your data is stored in your device or your cloud instead of their servers. A full-featured desktop version is also offered free for Windows, Linux, and Mac. As well as the auto-fill login feature, the app has secure sharing, offers fingerprint use, and backup/restore over WiFi.

You can choose from a wide variety of preset templates to store your important information, and categorize that data into folders, and of course, there’s a unique password generator. There’s also support for quick unlock using a PIN. Military grade encryption provides security with SQLCIPHER and open-source AES-256.

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5. Password Safe and Manager
Password Safe app

This password solution is described as being 100% password safe as there is no access to the Internet at any time. That means of course, that unlike some of the other apps available this one does not sync across devices. Therefore if you want to share the database, you’ll need to upload it to a file hosting service such as Dropbox and then import it from there. Random passwords can be generated with the widgets that are included, and these can be automatically copied from your home screen to your clipboard.

It uses 256-bit encryption, and like other similar apps you’ll simply need to remember a master password to access your data. The interface can be customized to suit your requirements and preferences.


6. RoboForm

This is a completely free option and while it’s not one of the most recent application, the fact that it has stuck around indicates satisfied users. It features an embedded RoboForm browser to enable automatic login to your web accounts, and a Matching Login feature for multi-step logins. All of your RoboForm data can be saved to a RoboForm Everywhere account, and new login information will be automatically saved.

Safenotes, bookmarks, logins, and identities can be viewed and edited, and your data can be synchronized across mobile devices and computers. There’ll be no need to fill in those boring web forms anymore as that can be done with one click. Further options include auto logoff and manual log off and you can import logins from other managers including Dashlane, LastPass and 1 Password. This app integrates with Chrome and Firebox straight up, and can also be used with the Dolphin browser with an add-on.

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7. Keeper Free

This is another good choice for those looking for individual or business documents and file protection. Android device users can manage and secure their documents, passwords, credit cards, photos and more, and Keeper Security Inc. has stopped many cyber criminals and hackers from gaining access to sensitive data. Keeper uses AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption and the app has the usual password generator and auto-fill features. Your data can also be wiped clean in the event of an emergency with a self-destruct feature.

A fingerprint scan can effortlessly vault your information, and periodic logins can be applied to a custom logout timer. Note that some of these features are only available via various in-app purchases.