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Smart Phones are no longer a simple handset by which we can call someone or can send text messages to someone; rather it is an accumulation of handset, digital diary, bridge to the internet, entertainment source etc. For many purposes, we have installed so many applications on our smartphone that we cannot even remember them until we are in real need of them. Some of those applications are so useful and confidential that we need real security to protect them from unwanted entry and un-authorized un-installation. For this kind of annoyance, first thing comes to my mind is AppLock app.


More and more of us are increasingly dependent on our smartphones for running many aspects of our lives. One drawback with this is the amount of personal and financial information we have stored on our mobile devices. This ranges from social media, messaging apps, or the photos and videos from the gallery, to banking apps where sensitive financial information might be at risk. Many people are understandably concerned about the dangers posed by prying eyes, so it’s a good idea to ensure the privacy on your smartphone with a security app. This is extremely important, today more than ever, and fortunately, it’s fairly simple to do.


One way of securing your private details is with the use of an app lock, and some device owners choosing to use a custom ROM might already be taking advantage of a built-in app locker. However, most device users don’t use custom ROMs, but the good news is that there are many App Locker apps available on the Google Play Store that will help to protect your apps and keep such information safe from snoopers. They can work in a variety of ways to lock your apps, including through a fingerprint scanner, password, or PIN.

10 Best AppLock for Android to keep information private
Norton App Lock app

Virtually everyone will have heard of Norton antivirus protection so it makes sense that the company would also branch into an app locking solution for Android smartphones and tablets. The App is entirely free to use and comes with a wealth of features that make it easy to recommend for safeguarding your privacy. It supports apps as well as photo and video protection with a lock system that uses password, a four-digit pin, or pattern. As well as this it provides a useful list of recommendations for apps that you should especially consider locking.

The app will also prevent those embarrassing moments when you accidentally dial someone when the device is in your pocket. Further features include parental controls, and sneek peek anti-theft where a photo will be taken of anyone trying to unlock your phone after three failed attempts.

best app locker app

This app has a huge rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play and is a top security app choice for many device owners. It enables you to maintain privacy by locking apps such as Facebook, Gallery, and WhatsApp among others. As well as maintaining the security of your settings and apps, this one also covers images and videos. Apps can be locked with a patterning method, and App Locker now also features fingerprint scanner support.

A plus point with this app is that it’s light on system resources such as RAM and battery life. It’s based on Material Design with a variety of colors and themes. If you have a Huawei or Xiaomi device you might want to check out the app notes before you choose to download it, although a workaround is available.


This is one of the more recent app lockers on Google Play and it offers a very appealing interface. You can lock apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Gmail, and Contacts, with your fingerprint, pattern, or PIN to keep all of your information secure. A further feature is the new Media Vault that will keep your photo and video files safe and protected. One excellent feature of Hexlock is a profile system. You can choose to create your own profiles or opt from a selection of preset profiles including Home, Parental, Work and more.

Additionally, depending on which WiFi network you’re using, the app can automatically enable a profile. Like some other app, this one will snap a photo of anyone trying to unlock your apps without your permission, and also saves the location. This free app includes ads but you can choose to pay for a non-ad version via an in-app purchase.


Protect any of your applications with this app, which happens to be a Google Top 20 application. The app uses the pattern, PIN, or gesture methods to lock, and can also lock WiFi, 3G data, USB, Bluetooth, and Sync. Features include rotation lock support, screen filter support (to manage individual app brightness), and a fake pop-up that displays a fake error message on the launch of a locked app to annoy your snooper.

This app can also be used to lock the Home screen, outgoing calls, incoming calls, and more, and it can be remotely started via SMS command. Like many, this free app contains ads but there’s also a Pro version if you want to avoid them.

AppLock Android App - best android app locker

DoMobile Lab’s app has an excellent reputation and is the Play Store’s most downloaded app lock. It uses a pattern, password, or fingerprint to protect your privacy and ensure the security of your device, and can also lock specific images and videos. Like the previous app on our list, as well as locking apps, it can also lock Android toggles including Bluetooth, WiFi, and mobile data as well as block incoming calls and more.

This is a very feature-rich option with default profiles and customized profiles, time lock, location lock, random keyboard feature, an widget, power saving mode and much more. Users can opt for a customized background and have the option to hide the Applock icon. In-app purchases are available for a no-ads version.

This was one of the first apps to give users the opportunity to lock apps with the fingerprint sensor of their mobile. You can also set timeouts to enable a short switch between apps, unlock multiple apps at the same time, and automatically protect new apps. If you’re worried about your fingerprint not being recognized at any time, FingerSecurity will also let you use an alternative PIN code or password.

The app also provides a widget for fast enabling and disabling, and at specific locations will automatically unlock your apps. In addition, uses fake crash dialog, takes pictures of snoopers, and more. In-app purchases are offered for advanced features such as preventing uninstalls, more themes or changing the lock page background.

Guard with LOCKit for android

If you don’t want your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, this app is another good choice. It’s packed full of features including pin, pattern, and fingerprint app locking, and a photo and video safe vault. It will also snap an intruder selfie, hides previews for message text notifications, and provides a fake cover that will mask the unlock screen of your apps.

As well as locking applications, further features include an option to lock the Google Play Store (useful if you have kids), lock the system settings, and lock incoming calls to prevent someone else answering your phone. It also has free themes, a notification bar, and you can prevent the app from being uninstalled.

People can be kept away from intruding your apps with this app locker that uses a password or invisible pattern lock and random keyboard. Most of the features are the same as other applications of this kind. This includes locking social apps such as reddit apps Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram and more, and also locking system apps including Gallery, Videos, Email, SMS, and Contacts.

Users of this app can also lock Android pay apps such as Android Pay, Paypal, and Samsung Pay, as well as third-party apps, for example, games and YouTube. You can hide this app by replacing the icon, lock the frequency, enable a power-saving mode, and more. As well as a choice of themes from the Theme Store, users can also customize themes or wallpapers.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault offers many of the usual app lock features with some extras on top and has more than 100 million worldwide users. With the use of a password, it hides your call logs, videos, photos, SMS, social use and contacts, and features app lock, private bookmark, cloud backup so that you can easily transfer your data to a new device, private browsing, and password recovery via a security email.

There are also some more advanced features that can be accessed via in-app purchase. hese include being able to create a fake vault or multiple vaults with different passwords, a stealth mode, and break-in alerts, where as well as taking a photo of intruders the app will also give you a time stamp and the PIN codes entered.

Our final selection is Smart AppLock, which allows you to protect your apps via password, pattern, or PIN and has a very appealing UI. It also enables fingerprint unlocking, although this is only for suitably equipped Samsung devices. Of course, it provides the usual app locking features as well as the ability to lock system toggles, incoming calls, settings, and markets. You can custom lock the screen style and screen background, lock recent history, and a whole lot more.